Collection: $BUILD x BF

This t-shirt collection, a collaboration between Blurred Future and $Build, features three distinct designs created by the artist Bito. Tigers tend to live independent lives, but we all know the power that could be generated if tigers came together. Web3 builders are like tigers, working solo to create a new paradigm. However, we know that united, we are unstoppable, and $BUILD aims to connect those willing to transform our reality.

These designs aren’t just fire—they’re a vibe. They aim to showcase our vision and cement the bond between $BUILD and Blurred Future. Bito, the creative force behind these artworks, is known for blending diverse styles to craft something truly unique and hype. His experience in global advertising has taught him to always think on a grand scale.

We’re all about unblurring what lies ahead and crafting the tools of tomorrow. So, sport one of these tees and let’s make waves. We’re not just creating fashion; we’re making a statement. Let’s clear the path in front of us by shaping the future today.